Un Alma Mas/One More Soul

For those of you who know me personally, you know that:

1)I love words and poetry and song lyrics, and 2) I love Josh Groban. In my room back in Ohio I have poems and songs hangings on my walls, and I recently duplicated some of them to hang in my room here. The words in Un Alma Mas have long been objectively beautiful to me, but now they are personally beautiful, in light of the transformative things I’ve encountered and experienced in LA. Josh Groban never lets me down.

I’ve tried to translate this song the best I can; the Spanish words first with the English italicized line by line below them. Between me and Google I think we mostly have it figured out, but there’s always a little bit lost in translation. In any case, here’s a piece of my heart and the words that go with it.

Un Alma Mas/One More Soul

Sung by Josh Groban ❤

Sólo sé que ojo por ojo no ves

Know an eye for an eye, don’t you see

Que lo que siembre lo cosecharé

That what is sown I will reap
Si doy recibiré

If I give, I will receive
porque amar es un acto de fe

because to love is an act of faith

No prives al mundo de amor

Don’t deprive the world of love,
Sin sol y lluvia no crece la flor

Without sun and rain the flower cannot grow
El milagro está en ti

The miracle is in you,
No lo dejes morir…

Don’t let it die…

Un alma más y al fin marcharán ejércitos de esperanza

One more soul, and finally there will be marching armies of hope,
Una voz más y al fin se oirán los gritos de los que callan

One more voice and finally they will hear the shouts of those who have been silent
Uno más y otro más probándonos que

One more, and another testing us,
Amar es un acto de fe.

 Love is an act of faith

Si te guardas la luz para ti

If you guard the light for yourself,
Te cegarás de egoísmo y así

you will be blinded by selfishness and so
Por las sombras irás

for the shadows you will go
Y un día te olvidarás de reír…

and one day you will forget to laugh…

Hay tantos hombres llorando dolor

There are many men crying in pain.
Buscando un mañana mejor

Searching for a better tomorrow.
Ve y abrázalos

Go and embrace them
Y aprenderás a sentir…

and you will learn to feel.

Listen to Josh Groban singing Un Alma Mas here

Have a wonderful and fulfilling week,

Blessings to all!


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