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I have an app on my iPod that counts down the days to a certain event. I remember when I first found out I’d be coming to Los Angeles I loved to watch the days count down. But now that I have less than 50 days left here, I have the opposite feeling. I hate seeing the days slip away. I feel like a cartoon character watching the hands of a giant clock ticking. I can try to hold them back, but the gears of time keep grinding forward.

Because the truth is that I am not ready to leave LA.

I was afraid this would happen; I knew I would love this city. I knew it was important to make a college plan. But I didn’t know it would be this hard to face the inevitable truth that the beginning of August, I am leaving LA. Really leaving.

Here’s what I have to look forward to:

A school that I really like.

An awesome roommate.

Classes that interest me.

Familiar faces, places, and spaces.

The opportunity to start applying everything I’ve experienced in LA, into my schoolwork and my major.


Despite all of that, I can’t seem to shake the dread of packing all my belongings and getting on that plane. Getting off the plane in Ohio. And staying.

I would appreciate prayers that I will reach a good mental space by the time it is time for me to leave, and that I will have peace as I transition into the next chapter.

A lot has happened in the last couple months, and since I haven’t been very diligent with my blogging, I decide to go back on my earlier words about not having a second post with pictures. Here, rather than reading a novel, you may look at the the thousand words instead 🙂

The Wisdom Tree at the top of the Tree of Life trail
IMG_3190 (1)
Hiking to the Hollywood sign for the very first time!
Our extended weekend get-away; destination: San Francisco 
And of course we had to make time to go to Yosemite. (If you’ve never been, definitely make this a destination on your bucket list!)
It was actually really cold!!


Mid-May I got to spend a week re-exploring LA with a friend who was staying with me 🙂
B-day gift from my coworker: Part of our lunch break spent at The Dog Cafe (a local start up promoting pet adoption. All the dogs here need loving homes)
My family was here for almost two weeks in early June, and so we made time to visit Joshua Tree National Park. (Also add this to your destination list!!!)
I spent my birthday evening at a Dodgers game 🙂
The kids and I continue to have lots of fun! Especially when it involves the neighbor’s cat and dogs. 
And after almost a year of wanting to go, I finally made it to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art ❤

So that’s a little bit about me lately!

And I plan on making memories and being fully present here all the way up until the day I leave. I appreciate all your thoughts and support; they mean A LOT to me ❤

Until next time,





One thought on “Surprise; another photo blog

  1. Rowena- I have enjoyed reading your posts this past year. You express yourself so well and share deeply of your thoughts, insights and emotions. Growing up in the LA area myself, it brings me joy to hear that you have fallen in love with the city! I will be praying for you as you prepare for the transition of leaving LA and coming back to Ohio. I look forward to having you on Bluffton’s campus this fall!

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