hopes for this summer


I’m back in Los Angeles for two months this summer.

When I was here in March over spring break, I had made peace with the idea that I wouldn’t be back for a long time. And part of this reasoning was that I had finally found closure with my DOOR year. For months prior, I had felt like two people: one in LA and one in Ohio and it was exhausting to never be sure where I wanted to be. When I went back to Ohio after spring break, I brought myself fully back. Well, both of me. And now I feel like one person again.

I started looking for a summer job in Ohio but nothing was coming through like I had hoped, which was when I got the email inquiring if I would like to come back to LA for a few months over the summer and help with the DOOR Discover youth groups that would be coming through the program.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I’m back in Los Angeles, back in the DOOR house, back in the bedroom I slept in for a year.

And though I may still be working for DOOR, it’s the next chapter.

When I came to LA for the very first time almost two years ago, it was to serve and learn at my full capacity. When I came back over spring break this year, it was to find closure. But this summer, my hope is that I can find some answers to the questions that have been brewing in my spirit throughout the last year, questions that LA sparked, and kindled, and turned into bonfires over time.

I am blessed, and privileged to be able to travel to learn about the world. I don’t want to take that for granted so I try to make the most of each place I go. I have begun to believe that the point of life is to do more good in the world than harm, to give more than you take, and to be thankful for the small, forgotten gifts that support opportunities.

I am hoping this summer for contentment, for answers, for continued peace, and for glorious amounts of sun every day so that I can be reminded of the small blessings that give me strength and energy for everything yet to come.

Much love,






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