20 Things I’ve Learned In 20 Years

Most of my posts tend to cover heavier topics so to change things up a little, (in honor of my 20-year anniversary of being a human on earth) I have put together a list of 20 things I’ve learned about life and about myself.

  1. It’s not possible to live a healthy life without a healthy sense of humor.

  2. My first name is ethnically ambiguous. And hard to remember. And pronounce.

  3. The beach is highly overrated.

  4. There are not many things to be afraid of.

  5. Cheese is my favorite food. I don’t need to make this complicated. It’s cheese.

  6. Most people aren’t intentionally unkind or cruel. Just self-centered and sometimes apathetic. Others become collateral damage.

  7. No matter how many times I try seafood/fish, I still don’t like it.

  8. Balance is everything. So, sure, go exercise. But eat cheesecake and Doritos too.

  9. Don’t complain about campus dining hall food because it’s exhausting to cook every meal for yourself. (see: actual, independent adulthood)

  10. Do more good in the world than harm. Give more than you take.

  11. I hate flying by myself. I also don’t like airports in general.

  12. My sister is my favorite person.

  13. Netflix is one of the best and worst things that has ever happened to me.

  14. Most of the times I’ve encountered God have been outside of church.

  15. I’m not allergic to normal things.

  16. I really hate overcast, 40ish degree weather. (see: average climate in Ohio)

  17. Amish buggies move faster than LA rush hour traffic.

  18. A home is grown, not given.

  19. Never allow anyone to use you as a vessel to harm yourself or other people.

  20. All I really know about life is how little I know.




2 thoughts on “20 Things I’ve Learned In 20 Years

  1. Rowena- this is wonderful! You have a keen awareness of yourself and relationships with others and the eorld around you. Thanks for sharing!


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