Separation from Self: The complications of faith and culture

I’ve been wrestling lately with feeling a little lonely and being unable to pinpoint why. I feel at home in LA; I love my community and my church and the many, many friends I’ve made. Why am I lonely if I don’t feel homesick? And then sometime a couple weeks ago while I was listening … More Separation from Self: The complications of faith and culture

DTLA: Scene 1&2

I realized yesterday that I’ve never written a post about my work in West and East Hollywood. But this post still isn’t about that. Yesterday I filled in for Marji in her contract area while she and her team caught up with some paperwork. I’ve shadowed her team in Downtown LA before, but this time it was … More DTLA: Scene 1&2

More Than Thankful

Before I left Ohio for Hollywood back in August, I knew that I’d write a Thanksgiving post. Maybe that’s a confession to the dedication I knew I would have to this blog. I had all sorts of ideas about what I could tell everyone about thankfulness after 3 months of service, but I find myself angling … More More Than Thankful